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Trombonist | Conductor | Educator

Spring 2021 | Memphis, TN

FreeWorld 2013 | Memphis, TN with Charles Ray, Matt Tutor, Richard Cushing, David Skypeck, Pete Climie, and Herman Green

FreeWorld | Memphis, TN with Jared Dover and Art Edmaiston

Man Overboard 2009 | Chicago, IL with Steve Pendel, Joel Packer, Chris Pastin and Brian Taylor

ITF 2013 | Columbus, GA with Michael Dease and Fred Wesley

ITF 2019 | Muncie, IN with Ryan Keberle

Holiday Carolling | Memphis, TN with George Hranov, Brent Hopper and Dave Wohlschlegel

Holiday Concert | Cordova, TN with Jason Yasinsky

UofM Slide Show @ Neil's | Memphis, TN with Francisco Torres

ITF 2013 | Columbus, GA with Mike Corrigan

Midwest Band & Orchestra Clinic 2019 | Chicago, IL with Marshall Gilkes

Navy Band Midsouth 2005 | Oklahoma City, OK with Ken Ordway

Clinton Library Opening 2004 | Little Rock, AR with Chevy Chase, Bo Clayton, Tom Schiffer, Ross Klameth, Gary Rice and Rob Kessling

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